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Emergency Road Service

The Premier Emergency Breakdown Service in the Industry

Idealease truck leasing and rental customers rely on Idealnet to guide them through a tough situation.  In North America, Idealnet exists to serve you better than any other breakdown service in the truck leasing industry.

Our goal is simple: Get your vehicle repaired and your driver back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Idealnet gives drivers 24-hour access to the premier breakdown service in the transportation industry. It is located at the Idealease Corporate Headquarters in the U.S. Idealnet is available 365 days a year to help limit downtime in the case of breakdowns, accidents, or even lock outs. When Idealease customers call the Idealnet Hotline, Idealnet Service Coordinators utilize a database of more than 30,000 contracted vendors to find the closest and most efficient repair facility in the breakdown area. All Service Coordinators are certified through the Idealnet Training Program.

You and your drivers are looking for immediate support, not spending valuable time going through numerous prompts or waiting on hold. Every phone call is answered by a live person and digitally recorded to be made available to customers via e-mail when requested. In fact, the entire breakdown is documented in real time on the internet. This allows service facilities and customers to monitor the process and know the status of their trucks and tractors at all time. At Idealease, we know that breakdowns and accidents are facts of life. Idealnet ensures that these incidents have minimum impact on our customers’ daily operations.

Truck Emergency Road Service